Good eye

Thanks to the sharp eye of Kyle Holloway, who spotted the fire at the pallet company where he works, and a quick response by the Lisbon Fire Department, both the pallet company and the small yellow house that sits across from Pondi’s restaurant were spared. The fires are being attributed to three youngsters thought to be between 10 and 13 years old, who were spotted and photographed by an alert neighbor when she saw them emerging from the yellow house. Firefighters also recovered a lighter dropped by the youths in the alley by the house. The pallet company, which has just been in business for a few months, is run by Kurt Van Cura who was at the fire and found another spot where the three attempted to light a stack of new pallets. According to Fire Chief Dave Lewton the house is owned by Ray Perrino. Lewton said a dozen of his men responded, and West Point Fire Department was originally called to assist but was downgraded to be on stand-by. North Star Critical Care ambulance also responded for stand-by at the fires.