A cookie for Olivia

Morning Journal/Patti Schaeffer

Pink was the optimum color at the Leetonia school on Tuesday. Seventh-grader Olivia Coontz, who left school about noon enroute to a hospital for cancer surgery on her arm, was greeted by her sister Cierra’s classmates who, along with teachers and Principal Troy Radinsky, presented her with a giant speedy recovery cookie. Other members of the school joined in the effort by also wearing pink. Students shown here with Olivia are Fantasha Smith, Aurora Smith, Cierra Coontz, Brianna Luttmers, Nikki Davanzo, Sydney Mesmer, Jeneca Shar, Sabrina Schneider and Zoe Bruderly. In the back are teachers Debbie Bair, Marcia Duko and Gretchen Hall.