Commissioner recovering after heart attack, surgery

LISBON – County Commissioner Jim Hoppel underwent triple bypass surgery on Wednesday at the Cleveland Clinic after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

Commissioner Mike Halleck provided an update on Hoppel’s condition after Don Herr, chaplain at the county jail, urged everyone present to pray for Hoppel’s recovery during the opening prayer given prior to Wednesday’s commission meeting.

Halleck said Hoppel had been feeling poorly over the weekend and went to a local hospital to be examined on Monday, which is when it was determined he had suffered a heart attack. He was then transported to Cleveland the same day.

Halleck spoke to Hoppel prior to surgery, and he remained in good spirits, joking with the staff. “It’s phenomenal, his sense of humor,” he said.

Halleck called later in the afternoon to report the surgery was a success and Hoppel was recovering in the intensive care unit. “Everything came out well and with a good prognosis” for a full recovery, he said.

If everything goes as planned, Hoppel could be discharged and home sometime next week, “and back with us in a couple more weeks,” Halleck said. “I know he appreciates the prayers, and hopes to be back soon.”

Hoppel, 75, was re-elected in 2012 to a record fifth-consecutive term.