She was not just crying wolfhound

LISBON – A wolfhound turned a few heads at the Columbiana County Municipal Court on Monday.

The dog accompanied Heidi Weaver, of Taylor Road, Negley, who was facing a charge of dogs at large. Weaver, wearing spurs, walked into the court building leading her wolfhound.

Court security told Weaver the dog, which stands more than three feet tall, would have to stay in her vehicle unless the court asked for it to appear.

Weaver served as her own attorney, questioning how this dog could be at large when she never lets it out of her sight. However, she admitted to allowing the dog to walk down the road beside her when she rides her horses and allowing some of the “stupid beagles” to run loose.

She also argued her dog was actually an English wolfhound and not an Irish Wolfhound as the person testifying from the county dog warden’s office had suggested.

When it came to photos of the dog on the neighbor’s property, Weaver claimed she could have been “cropped out” of the picture and noted the property actually belongs to her uncle, who is reportedly trying to have the neighbor removed for “squatting” there for the past 15 years.

In the end, Weaver was found guilty by Judge Mark Frost and fined $25.