East Liverpool puts the torch to confiscated firearms

EAST LIVERPOOL – About 15 years’ worth of weaponry was destroyed Thursday, ridding the streets of potential danger.

Between 60 and 70 guns and other items were disposed of by the police department at Six Recycling, bringing in just under $20 but bringing peace of mind to officers.

“They’ll never be on the street again,” Detective Don Fickes said, referring to the weapons.

Patrolman Jim Krawiec, who is responsible for the evidence room, said some of the items were confiscated as part of cases the department investigated, while others were turned in for various reasons.

One gun had been fished out of the river at some point but was too rusted to allow any information to be gained from it.

Another gun was actually confiscated during what began as a routine parking complaint, according to Krawiec.

Among the firearms disposed of were three black powder guns, a two-shot Derringer, handguns ranging from .22-caliber to .45-caliber, numerous shotguns and “a lot of junk,” Krawiec said.

In addition to the firearms, disposed of were a Samurai sword, a machete and a pocket knife.

The items had accumulated since the late 1990s when the last batch of weaponry was disposed of.

Prior to taking the scrap weapons to Six Recycling, they were rendered inoperable and unusable by city employee Arthur Talbert, who used a cutting torch to remove triggers and other potentially dangerous parts.

The 160 pounds of scrap netted the department $19.20.