Wells starting to prove worth

LISBON – Ten Columbiana County oil and gas wells were among 245 statewide that produced more in three months last year than all of 2012, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The report released last week provided production figures for drilling activity in Ohio’s Utica shale play during the third quarter of 2013. This is the first time the quarterly figures were made available since a new state law passed requiring companies to file production reports every quarter instead of yearly.

The report noted there are 285 horizontal wells, of which 245 were in production between July and September, producing 1.3 million barrels of oil and 33.6 billion cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas. In 2012, there were 85 wells in production that generated 635,876 barrels of oil and 12.8 billion MCF of gas.

An MCF is equal to 1,000 feet of natural gas, while a barrel is equal to 42 gallons.

The county only had five wells in production in 2012, but five more came on line last year. Following are the third-quarter production numbers for all 10 wells and the number of days they were in operation:

  • Ayrview Acres No. 1 in West Township: 3,319 barrels of oil and 22,914 MCF of gas; 72 days.
  • Ayrview Acres No. 2 in West Township: 1,989 barrels of oil and 15,873 MCF of gas; 88 days.
  • Ayrview Acres No. 3 in West Township: 4,822 barrels of oil and 33,697 MCF of as; 83 days.
  • Hanover Farms No. 1 in Hanover Township: 707 barrels of oil and 42,140 MCF of gas; 13 days.
  • Hanover Farms No. 1 in Hanover Township: 191 barrels of oil and 18,390 MCF of gas; eight days.
  • Henderson property in West Township: 3,050 barrels of oil and 35,238 MCF of gas; 70 days.
  • Milltree No. 1 in Franklin Township: 260,149 MCF of gas; 82 days.
  • Milltree No. 2 in Franklin Township: 232,523 MCF of gas; 85 days.
  • Sanor Farms in Knox Township: 1,508 barrels of oil and 14,781 MCF of gas; 80 days.
  • Grubbs property in Salem Township: 5 barrels of oil and 372,000 MCF of gas; 87 days.

The 10 wells also produced a combined 18,077 barrels of brine, a salty byproduct of drilling. The wells are among 97 wells in various stages of development at 74 drilling sites in the county.