Recipe did not help her cause

LISBON – Amid questions as to whether she has been sharing a meth recipe with other inmates at the county jail, Heidi Todd, a New Waterford woman, was sentenced to five years in prison on Friday by Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge Scott Washam.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart produced in court a copy of a recipe for cooking methamphetamines, which he said guards had turned over to the Columbiana County Drug Task Force after it was intercepted being circulated around the county jail. Weikart claimed Todd was responsible for the recipe, which included several detailed precautions about some of the dangers to avoid while creating the drug and the word “enjoy” at the end of the recipe.

Todd’s defense attorney Kelly Linger pointed out there was no proof her client was responsible for the recipe and the person who was making the accusation was not there to cross-examine.

Todd, 34, Silliman Street, New Waterford, was facing between four years and 24 years in prison for charges of both illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, illegal manufacture of drugs, endangering children and two counts of possession of drugs.

Her husband, Daniel Todd, 34, Silliman Street, New Waterford, and another man Bradley Carpenter, 28, Creek Road, New Waterford, were each already sentenced to five years in prison for similar charges; while Jill Fulton, 38, West Main Street, received a nine-month sentence for complicity to the illegal assembly of drugs for purchasing pseudophedrine pills, which were used in the manufacturing of meth.

In the case of Heidi Todd, Weikart had asked Washam for six years, while Linger was pushing for four years.

Weikart said in addition to these charges, while she had been released on bond, she reportedly was found in a home in Pennsylvania where two additional meth cooks were found, which she, according to police, took responsibility for creating. Weikart said he is currently unaware of any charges in Pennsylvania.

Cheryl Herr of Family Recovery made a statement on Todd’s behalf before sentencing, noting Todd contacted her for counseling and now knows there are alternatives to the lifestyle she has been living.

“I truly believe Heidi is remorseful,” Herr said, adding Todd is taking steps to deal with her addiction.

For her part, Todd said in the past six and a half months she has spent in the Columbiana County Jail she has begun doing the things she can do to start her recovery, including counseling and making arrangements to enter a halfway house after she is released.

“No one knows worse than me what I’ve done,” Todd said. “My children show me everyday in what they do, what they say and what they write.”

Prior to sentencing Washam questioned claims that Todd loves her three children, who were reportedly living in the home while she was involved in making methamphetamines, a potentially explosive product which also emits dangerous odors while being created.

“I can’t understand how people can say they love their children and then cook drugs sold to other people’s children,” Washam said.

She was sentenced to five years each for counts one and two, which involved having the chemicals and creating the methamphetamines; 11 months for each of drug possession counts for possession of heroin and methamphetamines and 24 months for the child endangering charge. It will be served concurrently for five years total, although she will be given credit for 271 days already served.