Police patrols mean fewer crimes in Lisbon

LISBON – Police Chief Mike Abraham was pleased with his first full year in charge.

Abraham, who was promoted to chief in late 2012, presented his 2013 report at this week’s village council meeting, and it showed marked increases in the amount of miles patrolled and traffic tickets, and declines in property crimes.

According to Abraham’s report, police officers drove a combined 45,007 miles in 2013 compared to 33,042 miles the year before, or 24.6 miles per eight-hour shift versus 18.1 miles per shift in 2012.

This resulted in 501 traffic citations being issued in 2013 compared to 196 the year before. Officers issued another 332 traffic warnings last year, compared to 171 in 2012.

“Through increased traffic enforcement you can see traffic accidents are actually down,” 145 to 109, he said.

The number of break-ins and attempted break-ins also decreased, from 41 to 29, and thefts also declined, 151 to 131. Abraham credited most of the change to Sgt. John Hancock, who suggested they begin checking businesses on the midnight shift, with one officer taking the northern part of town and the other patrolling the south.

“Sometimes they physically check the business and sometimes they just drive by and shine a flashlight on the property,” he said.

A total of 22,627 business checks were performed last year.

Councilman Joseph Morenz was gratified to learn this. “If you see that light it’s a little deterrent,” he said.

Although the police department drove more miles and used more gas doing so, Abraham noted the amount spent on fuel fell from $14,795 to $12,638. “I don’t know how that happened, other than gas prices must have been down,” he said.

In other action at the meeting, Abraham told Councilwoman Cheryl Mills they were rotating the two ambulance services who claim to be operating in town, although the decision comes to availability and proximity.

“It’s tough but we try to get the closest” ambulance, he said.

Council also approved the request of the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce to hold the all-school reunion in town on July 5. This includes a grand parade that will start at 11 a.m. at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds.