East Liverpool eyes its own tax scofflaws

EAST LIVERPOOL – Officials may look at having the city of Cleveland go after those who have failed to pay their local income tax, a system Salem has already enacted.

Sherrie Curtis, chairman of City Council’s finance committee, said that after reading Salem had taken advantage of the service, she and Tracey Tennant, the city tax commissioner, had called Salem officials, who advised it is a “very productive” service.

Cleveland officials will pursue those taxpayers who have paid their federal income tax but not their city taxes, using data more accessible to the larger city, according to Curtis, who said there would be no up-front cost to East Liverpool, with any fees paid by the delinquent taxpayers in addition to their taxes and any penalties.

Salem officials suggested offering an amnesty period for about six weeks, allowing delinquent taxpayers the opportunity to make up what is owed with no penalties.

“Hopefully, we can increase revenue,” Curtis said, adding that the option will be discussed more thoroughly at Tuesday’s finance committee meeting.