Yellow Creek honors late trustee

WELLSVILLE – On a day like Tuesday, David Boyd doubtless would have been out with the Yellow Creek Township road crew, making sure that the township roads were clear, his daughter said.

“He wanted to give back,” Kristy West said. “If he was still here today, he’d be out on a truck.”

West was among Boyd’s family members who attended Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Yellow Creek Township trustees, which was held in the late trustee’s honor.

Boyd, 72, died of a heart attack on Nov. 14, less than two weeks after winning re-election as a Yellow Creek Township trustee. A lifelong township resident, he had served as a trustee for 13 years.

Trustees Kenny Biacco and Larry Brewer held a brief memorial service for their departed colleague prior to Tuesday’s meeting. After Boyd’s grandson, Timmy West, 10, lit a candle, Brewer unveiled a plaque naming the meeting room in Boyd’s honor.

“I think that tells the story,” Brewer said.

Family members also reacted emotionally to the unveiling.

“It’s beautiful,” Kristy West said.

“It’s very touching,” said Boyd’s sister, Janette Baker. “He would say it’s a lot of fuss.”

“He would be flipping in his grave over this,” said Boyd’s son-in-law, Tim West.

“If you wake up tomorrow and that thing’s on the ground, you’ll know who did it,” said Timmy West, a fifth-grader at Southern Local Elementary School.

The grandson said he and his grandfather were close, so much so that they often enjoyed eating ice cream together out of the same container. He said his grandfather’s favorite flavor was orange cream.

“He taught me how to farm and how to play basketball,” Timmy said.

The Wests live next door to the Boyd home on Oak Ridge Road, where Boyd operated a farm-first dairy, then beef-for 50 years. Timmy said he spent a lot of time with his grandfather, either working on the farm or playing.

“They were like two peas in a pod,” Kristy West said.

Boyd was working on the farm Nov. 14 when he had the heart attack. He was pronounced dead at East Liverpool City Hospital. Earlier that day, Boyd had been out with township road workers Gary Mitchell and Randy Matthias, patching potholes, his daughter said.

To fill the vacancy left by Boyd’s death, trustees appointed Glenn McKenzie to serve until the end of the year. McKenzie, who was elected trustee on Nov. 5, will assume office on Jan. 1, at which time he and Biacco will appoint a successor to serve Boyd’s new four-year term.