Shootout at the ELO corral

EAST LIVERPOOL – An Arizona man is in custody after what officers called a shootout on Pennsylvania Avenue Monday afternoon.

Joseph L. Covington, 35, Mesa, Ariz., was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possessing weapons while under disability, while officers continue to search for the other person involved in the alleged incident.

Several calls were received just minutes after 1 p.m. Monday about men shooting at each other, with one man on foot and the other inside a vehicle at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Dewey.

Witnesses reported the man on foot was seen shooting at a dark-colored mid-sized sedan that was northbound on Dewey with the passenger hanging out the window, exchanging fire with him. The vehicle pulled into Pennsylvania Avenue at a high rate of speed, narrowly avoiding striking an eastbound vehicle.

Detective Don Fickes and Patrolman Steve Adkins were in the area, with Adkins heading west and Fickes heading east on Erie Street where the man on foot was spotted.

At gunpoint, Adkins ordered the man, later identified as Covington, to stop and took him into custody. Both officers patted him down for weapons and Adkins found a .38-caliber handgun in his waistband.

Covington was wearing surgical gloves, and officers reported also finding a black face mask and black winter gloves in his possession.

The area was searched by both city and Liverpool Township officers, but the car involved in the shootout was not located.

No motive was known Monday afternoon, and the investigation is continuing.

Covington was found to have been convicted of a felony, leading to the charge of weapons under disability. He is being held without bond in the county jail pending an appearance in East Liverpool Municipal Court.