SEAL addresses Crestview students

NEW WATERFORD – Luke Newbold, one of three brothers from Columbiana County, all of whom became Navy SEALs, spoke at Crestview High School during a Veterans Day ceremony on Monday.

For veterans like Newbold, the holiday is another chance to remember those they served with, those who served before them and applaud those carrying on the tradition of military service.

The Star Spangled Banner has a lot of meaning to Newbold, who said it represents a lot blood and sacrifice from those who served.

“Whenever you hear that song, stand up, be proud and look at that flag,” Newbold said. “Our country is still the best country on earth because of that freedom.”

High School Principal Lynda Dickson explained the concept of freedom to some of the younger members of the audience at the assembly for both middle school and high school students.

“Many of us have never lived any other way,” Dickson said.

She noted here we have the freedom to go to school as a 10-year-old child instead of to work. We have food, freedom to travel with our families and the choice of what we want to do after we graduate from high school.

Newbold also chose the day to pass on a little bit of advice to the students, things he learned about being a self confident person while a part of the Navy SEALs unit. He challenged the students to start each day with a positive attitude, remain healthy by exercising both their bodies and their brains and remain motivated and excited about what they want to do.

Additionally, he said they should earn respect each day by their actions not their words. He told them to set goals both short-term and long-term and have integrity.

“Everyone here knows the difference between right and wrong,” Newbold said.

Finally, he offered they should find a mentor who knows more about those things that interest them than they know. Lastly, he noted the importance of having fun each day.