EPHS needs work

EAST PALESTINE – Moisture problems in the ground floor of the 77-year-old East Palestine High School building have developed over 50 years, according to Patrick Lankey of Strollo Architects.

The company was hired to perform an assessment of the building and Lankey presented the findings to the board of education this week.

Over the course of the brief slide-show presentation he said moisture is penetrating through the outside walls and the floor.

As a result, the floors in that area and the administrative office are “heaving,” and like a “roller coaster,” he explained.

He said the company intends to see if a foundation drain exists in the building, and if not, will install one.

He described the needed improvements as a “simple fix” in some areas that would consist of removing the existing floor and replacing with a concrete base that is sealed in.

In the administrative area the heaving floors will be corrected and carpet installed.

“By the time we are done you won’t even know we were in there,” he said.

The outside of the building would require “major landscaping,” however, to install the proper piping, he added.

A snow guard is also needed on the roof over a side entrance to the building. He said the guard will keep the snow from piling up in the gutters and falling down at one time, a problem that typically poses safety hazards.

The guard will allow melted snow to trickle through slowly to alleviate a pile-up, he explained.

For aesthetic reasons, the company would also like to install signage above the doors of the main entrance, he said.

The improvements are currently in the planning stages and the total cost is estimated at $23,800, with the district already billed for $5,236 at this point, Treasurer Rick Ellis said.

The company has completed a schematic design and a portion of design development at this point, he said.