Cleanup of Riverview site begins

EAST LIVERPOOL – With an eye to future development, the city’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) has begun the cleanup of the former Riverview property.

The 82-acre parcel was purchased by the city and annexed several years ago and was recently transferred to the CIC, which immediately agreed to earmark funding to start cleaning up the property.

President Sam Scafide said he looked at this initial step toward developing the property as a “great thing.”

City planning Director Bill Cowan said a company was hired to cut grass and weeds around the main buildings facing the street with money approved by the CIC.

Asbestos abatement of buildings on the property has also been completed at a cost of $12,000, with the CIC paying half the cost and the city the other half.

Cowan said J&J Asbestos Abatement of Leavittsburg found a bit more asbestos than originally identified around the pipe wrap in the greenhouses. Asbestos had also been found in the window caulking in the greenhouses.

With asbestos removed, the CIC had planned on seeking proposals from contractors to have a large portion of the greenhouses in the northwest section demolished along with two residential homes and a large garage along Anderson Boulevard, all in one package.

However, Cowan said, it was decided the glass from the greenhouses would be a problem as it was ground into the dirt by heavy equipment, which would then, in turn, have to be excavated to remove the glass.

Instead, Xtreme Demolition will be paid up to $12 per hour to first remove the glass from greenhouses in that three- to four-acre section of the property and dispose of it in a Dumpster.

The demolition company is owned by the city’s Deputy Service-Safety Director Dan Galeoti, and Cowan said two employees will pick out the glass by hand, so he is uncertain how long that process will take to complete.

Once the glass is removed, it is possible the company could also begin tearing out the wooden framing of the greenhouses, Cowan said, adding that an intent to demolish has already been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency.

With the asbestos removed, Cowan does not anticipate any opposition from the EPA.

Meanwhile, proposals will be sought to demolish the other buildings in that section, and Cowan said, “Those houses are dilapidated and the garage doors have collapsed. We want to get that done this winter.”