Archers sue neighbor

LISBON – Members of the Columbiana County Archers of Lisbon have filed a lawsuit of the owner of property next to theirs, claiming among other things she and her children have been trespassing and shooting at members and their guests.

The lawsuit was filed this week in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court.

The Columbiana County Archers own 72 acres of property, which is used for hunting and gaming.

Their neighbor and the defendant named in the lawsuit, Eileen Cochran, St. Jacob Logtown Road, Lisbon, owns a half-acre of land adjacent to the archers’ property.

The lawsuit claims Cochran has placed water lines, a septic tank and a mobile home on the archers’ property. She reportedly has several mobile homes on her own property and allows her adult children to live there.

According to the lawsuit, Cochran and her children continually interfere with the right for the club members to enjoy their property. The lawsuit contends they have been known to shoot at the members and their guests, repeatedly trespass onto the club’s property and steal wood along with other resources.

Despite requests by the club’s members and officers, Cochran reportedly refuses to remove the mobile home and septic tank which is allegedly on the wrong property. Letters and attempts to speak with her about the situation have brought no actions toward remedying the situation, the suit says.

The lawsuit seeks to force her to remove the mobile home and septic tank, stop continued trespassing and force Cochran and her family to pay for resources taken and destroyed.