Wanted man caught in ELO

EAST LIVERPOOL – A man wanted by Youngstown Police in connection with a shooting was located and taken into custody by city police early Wednesday morning.

Police were advised by the U.S. Marshals that Youngstown had an active warrant for Rashad W. Riggins, 32, Erie Street, Youngstown for felonious assault. He was reportedly involved in shooting someone during a robbery in that jurisdiction.

Although he has no known contacts in the city, police said his girlfriend advised Riggins was here.

After receiving the notice about Riggins, an officer recalled having seen the previous night on Marcus Street a vehicle fitting the description given by the U.S. Marshals. He had checked on the license plate based on a tip that there had been a lot of traffic at 509 Marcus St. believed to be drug related.

Based on this information, officers met and recruited assistance from St. Clair and Liverpool Township police officers and headed toward Marcus Street to look for the vehicle.

En route, an officer spotted the vehicle southbound on St. Clair Avenue, following another vehicle, and both turned up Lincoln and then onto Smith Street.

The vehicle was stopped and the driver, an Akron man, said he had picked up the vehicle for a friend and they were going to the race track. He said Riggins’ brother was in the vehicle behind him.

The second vehicle was located on Dresden Avenue by a St. Clair K-9 officer and stopped, where it was found the driver was a Youngstown man and his passenger was Dwaune Riggins, Columbus, the brother of Rashad Riggins.

While patting down Dwaune Riggins, a large sum of money was found in his pants pockets which he said had just been returned to him by Liberty police, with a receipt in his wallet. The receipt was for $3,000 and specified the money was to be turned over to an attorney by court order, according to police.

After seizing the cash, officers released the men and returned to 509 Marcus St., where they saw two men inside, one of which was Rashad Riggins, and as officers surrounded the home, he was ordered to come out.

Riggins was handcuffed and taken into custody, and officers searched the home for other occupants.

Inside the home, they reported finding five burnt spoons with residue, a pill bottle with unspecified pills, three baggies containing unknown substances, baggies with residue, two digital scales with suspected cocaine residue, a marijuana pipe and a can containing pills and a blue powder.

The money seized from Dwaune Riggins was hidden at the police department and St. Clair canine officer Axel was allowed to search, reportedly alerting on the money, which totaled $2,792. Axel had also alerted on the suspect vehicle, where a marijuana roach was reportedly found.

Rashad Riggins was transported to Mahoning County and turned over to Youngstown police.