Teenagers lost in park found by firefighters

SPRUCEVALE Three teen-agers riding all terrain vehicles (ATV) lost in the heavy wooded area around Beaver Creek State Park Thursday night were found by local firefighters.

The teens left from the Echo Dell-Clarkson area on two ATVs about 6:30 p.m. and, using primarily horse trails, made their way to the Ware Road area when they became lost, according to Calcutta Fire Chief Scott Smith.

They found themselves trapped among fallen trees and called 911, getting the county sheriff’s department, which in turn notified the fire department just moments before 9 p.m.

Calcutta and Glenmoor firefighters responded, and the sheriff’s department used GPS coordinates from the teens’ cell phones to map out the area where they were to firefighters’ phones.

“It mapped us right to them,” Smith said.

He and assistant Chief Dave McCoy took four-wheel-drive ATVs into the woods and located the teens, with Smith saying they had to manually lift their ATVs up and over the fallen trees to get them back onto the trail.

“It took all five of us to lift them,” Smith said, adding they also were in knee-deep water crossing the creek to get out of the wooded area.

The teens loaded their ATVs into a parent’s truck to take them home, according to Smith, who said there were no injuries.

Firefighters cleared the scene just before 10 p.m.