ELO man faces pandering charge

CALCUTTA – A Purinton Avenue man was arrested Thursday evening after his home was searched by St. Clair Township police and agents from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification.

Alex J. Davtovich, 27, was charged with pandering obscenity involving minors after his residence at the Carriage Hill Apartment was searched as part of what police called a peer to peer file sharing child pornography investigation.

Officers reported they previewed his computer at the apartment and discovered an image depicting sexual abuse of a minor.

According to police, Davtovich admitted he had downloaded child pornography using an Ares file sharing program, saving images to his computer. His computer was seized and taken to the OBCII offices for analysis.

Davtovich appeared in East Liverpool Municipal Court Friday, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A preliminary hearing was set for Oct. 23, with $25,000 bond set.

According to a financial disclosure form completed by Davtovich, he is employed at Mountaineer Gaming Resort, and court personnel said he had not asked for a public defender to represent him.