Couple consoled

Ron and Sandy Schultz are comforted by their family and neighbors as the Glenmoor Fire Department, assisted by the Liverpool Township and Calcutta departments, finishes extinguishing the fire at 15842 Milbourne Ave., Glenmoor. According to Ron Schultz, he and his wife were on the back porch watching their cats play in the yard when they heard a loud pop. Going inside to investigate, they found the nightstand and lamp in their bedroom on fire. Ron said he immediately called the fire department and emptied two fire extinguishers on the fire, but it kept running up the wall. Glenmoor Chief Matt Smith said the cause still remains under investigation, but the quick action by both Schultz and the fire department kept the blaze contained to the back bedroom. The remainder of the house did suffer smoke and water damage. Over 30 firefighters from the three departments responded to the alarm around 4:30 p.m. as the West Point and Dixonville departments stood by on their floors to cover for the working departments. There were no injuries to firefighters, residents or the cats. The Schultz’s are insured.