Woman gets 11 months for assault on cop

LISBON – An East Liverpool woman who assaulted a city police captain while she was intoxicated was sentenced in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to 11 months in prison.

Chelsey Beebout, 25, Oakwood Street, told Judge C. Ashley Pike she apologized for her mistakes and to everyone affected by them.

“I think I’ve matured a lot,” Beebout said, “and I’m more aware of the consequences of my actions.”

Beebout’s mother testified on her behalf asking Pike to consider her daughter has had drinking problems. Pike asked the mother what if anything anyone in the family has done to try to help Beebout overcome her issue. The mother noted Beebout’s father is an alcoholic, too, adding, “I’m limited as to what I can do.”

Beebout has a previous felony conviction for assaulting another East Liverpool police officer in 2009 when he came to her house for a domestic situation. Additionally, in East Liverpool Municipal Court she has been charged several times with disorderly conduct for intoxication over the past two years.

This time, in February 2013 she reportedly repeatedly spit in Captain Patrick Wright’s face, struck him in the leg twice and pinched him in the leg. She pleaded guilty to assault and harassment with a bodily substance.

Urging her to learn some respect for police, Pike said he cannot ignore her actions toward “the police community.”

After sentencing her to 11 months, Pike suggested Beebout take advantage of any counseling available to her in prison.

“You present yourself as an intelligent person,” Pike said. “You have a mother who loves you. You’re a young woman. You have too many things going for you to spend your life carrying a bottle around.”