Lisbon seeking drainage solution

LISBON – It will take $5,600 for the village to study how much it will cost to correct a drainage problem affecting the Family Recovery Center’s Fleming House.

The issue was raised at this week’s Village Council meeting after FRC Director Eloise Traina attended council’s August meeting to suggest perhaps it was time to revive those plans since the Columbiana County Counseling Center intends to build an apartment complex for the mentally handicapped across the small drainage ravine it shares with the Fleming House.

The drainage problem appears to be coming from the area just outside village limits, but the resulting erosion is occurring in the Lisbon portion of the property.

Village Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner produced a copy of a 2012 proposal from the village’s engineering firm of Dallis Dawson & Associations, which said it would perform a preliminary analysis only for $5,600.

After some discussion, council decided to delay taking any action until Village Solicitor Virginia Barborak can check with county commissioners to determine if they might be of assistance or if any of the adjoining agencies would be willing to share in the cost.

In other action at the meeting, council voted 5-0 to purchase a diesel generator, gas generator, air compressor, pressure washer and portable water “trash” pump, all for $6,240, from an equipment company representative who was passing through the area with the equipment.

The equipment, from Capital Equipment of Travelers Rest, S.C., was listed for $14,528, but the sales representative offered to sell it for $6,240 since he had it with him. The Board of Public Affairs agreed to split the cost with the street department.

Council agreed to go ahead with the purchase, provided street foreman Jim Oliver first operates the equipment to determine it runs properly. Council also suggested Oliver or Wonner call the company to determine if they are legitimate before making any payment.

In other business, Council President Roger Gallo wondered if the village has any say in repairing the stone-block retaining wall at the extreme eastern end of East Washington Street, which is protruding to the point where it might collapse onto the roadway.

“I went by it today and it’s getting worse,” he said.

Council assumed the wall is the responsibility of the property owner, which is complicated by the fact the wall runs along the front of more than one property.

Gallo was only wondering if the village bore any responsibility. “I didn’t want to create a hardship for the property owner. That was not my intent,” he said.

Police Chief Mike Abraham said he would examine the protruding section of wall to determine if it has become a traffic hazard, while someone suggested also contacting the property owner, David Halverstadt, who already corrected the drainage problem that resulted in the wall buckling.

Chief Abraham also reported the Ohio Department of Transportation has begun changing the synchronization of the new traffic lights while it continues to study the problem. He said the timing adjustments appear to be addressing the traffic congestion problem created by the original light synchronization.

Finally, council agreed to change from its regular schedule of two meetings per month to one meeting per month for the remainder of the year. The next regular meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 15.