Family sues neighbor for harassment

LISBON – A man’s former neighbors are seeking money for alleged threats and ethnically-based intimidation allegedly caused by him while they lived nearby.

Donald Stanley and Michelle Kibler, Alliance, along with Stanley’s children, are seeking in excess of $25,000 from Ronni Wafler, Salineville. The lawsuit filed this week in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court alleges Wafler threatened the family and caused them distress, including medical issues for Stanley, which were treated by a physician.

According to court documents, while the plaintiff’s and defendant were neighbors, Wafler engaged in ethnic intimidation and hatred toward Stanley, Kibler and Stanley’s children and toward any neighbors who befriended them.

The case sites several examples of the alleged behavior, which made it difficult for the family to come and go from their home. For instance, it alleges Wafler made false theft accusations against the children, directed numerous racial slurs at them and on at least one occasion, brandished firearms at them in a threatening manner.

Additionally, Wafler reportedly threatened to sick a dog on Stanley’s children. On another occasion it alleges he attempted or at least threatened to run Stanley over with a car.

Finally, the case charges Wafler threw trash on the plaintiff’s lawn and threatened to have Stanley’s Social Security disability benefits cut.

According to the court documents, Stanley developed a condition where he suffered from seizures, which his doctor determined to be triggered by stress.

Court documents show Stanley filed for a civil stalking protection order against Wafler in 2010, while both were living in Kensington.