Police say half-naked man made quite a sight

LISBON – A half-naked village man was arrested just before midnight Monday after allegedly walking into an unlocked home and peeping into windows before getting into a fight with police when they caught up with him.

Alvin W. Carnes, 29, of West Washington Street, was charged by police with burglary, public indecency and resisting arrest. He was arraigned Tuesday in Columbiana County Municipal Court, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 5.

Police Chief Mike Abraham said they received calls just before midnight about a man looking into homes on South Lincoln Avenue, including the home of a village councilman. The man was described as wearing only a T-shirt.

At some point the suspect reportedly walked into an unlocked home, where the occupants were fortunately awake and alerted police.

“By the time we got there he was gone,” Abraham said.

Acting on information that the suspect fled south across the bridge on state Route 164, police searched the area and found a man later identified as Carnes walking along Route 164 near Endley Road. He matched the description of the suspect by virtue of still being naked from the waist down.

Abraham said a scuffle ensued when Carnes resisted as they prepared to arrest him. “When he was told he was under arrest, he went ballistic” and had to be subdued by police with a Taser, he said.

Two Lisbon police officers were involved in the arrest and assisted by two county sheriff’s deputies.

Abraham said Carnes appeared to have been assaulted before police caught up with him. “He had a huge, huge black eye,” he said, emphasizing the injury occurred before Carnes’ scuffle with police.