Palestine meeting is not sub standard

EAST PALESTINE – Exactly what was discussed during a 35-minute executive session of the East Palestine Board of Education Monday remains a mystery.

The board met behind closed doors with Superintendent George Fisk and Treasurer Rick Ellis to discuss a personnel matter, which Board President Sue Weigle defined as relating to the hiring, firing, discipline or compensation of personnel.

When the board returned at 6:35 p.m., no action was taken and no discussion was offered. The regular meeting continued as scheduled, with agenda items passing unanimously until the hiring of 49 people as certified substitutes for the new school year.

Weigle and board member Robert “Rube” Ginder opposed. With three yes votes the matter passed.

Prior to the vote Fisk said Gary Clark’s name had inadvertently been omitted from the list, and his name was added.

After the meeting Weigle and Ginder refused to explain their opposition to the hiring of the 49 substitutes, with Ginder only commenting he had “several issues” with it.

They also declined to answer when asked if their disapproval of the hiring had to do with a specific person.

When asked if this was what was being discussed in the executive session, Weigle said, “I can’t comment on that.”

Ginder also did not comment.

Fisk declined to say what had been discussed, although he did say it was not regarding the certified substitutes.

He also said the Gary Clark listed on the agenda is the Gary Clark who worked as the village manager previously, and this is not the first year he has substituted for the district.

“Most of the people on here are people who have applied for a position with the district,” Fisk said of the list.

The group of 49:

– Heather Beitz, Beth Stewart, Rick Istnick, Brooke Easterday, Stephanie Leisie, Terry Allbaugh, Roberta Brittain, Dorothy Herbert, Amanda Ridzon, John Stephens, Judy Frederick, Sheryl Miller, Elyson Barto, Deb Grate, Nancy Reeves, Doug Silhanek, Nathan Schuler, Kelly Vrable, Jonathan Barth, Rachel Libertin, Carly Hammond, Ashleigh Johnson, Lisa Hectric, Whitney Brittain, Erin Ridzon, Tori Whitehead, Brenda Goss, Karen Cyrus, Shari Hays, Tricia Scott, Pam Michaylo, Shelby DeRubba, Leslie Mercure, Heidi Guilliams, Kayla Lundy, Aimee Little, Andrew King, Toni Povenski, Jennifer Bowyer, Robert Johnson, Juley Lewis, Dave Mahoney, Adyson Glavan, Jennifer Albert, Sara Erwin, Trisha Miles, Priscilla Welsh, Shelly Zeh and Gary Clark.

In other matters, the board approved:

– The resignation of Ashley Workman as middle school cheer adviser, a leave of absence for Chris Dahmen, high school science teacher, and parental leave for Stephanie Dene, elementary teacher, all for the 2013-14 school year.

– Debbie Repasky, Terrye Stewart and Lisa Pence as summer 2013 school teachers.

– One-year supplemental contracts for Elizabeth Sherry, middle school cheer adviser and Eric Barone, head boys baseball coach.

– A one-year supplemental contract for Jim Meissner as high school junior varsity basketball coach.

– Nine people as classified substitutes for the 2013-14 year.

– A salary schedule for the administrative secretary and assistant to the treasurer positions. According to the schedule the salary has a base rate of $12 for zero years experience and a bachelor’s degree. The maximum rate is $18 for 25 years experience and a bachelor’s degree.

– Open enrollment for a fourth grade student from Salem.

– Changing the dates of the sixth grade field trip to Camp Konokwee to Nov. 6-8.

The next meeting was set for 6 p.m. Sept. 9 at the high school auditorium.