There will be much to photograph on Thursday

You will see many familiar sights and sounds Thursday.

You will no doubt see Mary Lou Popa helping coordinate the pet and bike parades in downtown Salem.

And Sandy Wales shepherding animals and their owners around the small ballfield at the city park in East Palestine’s own Westminster dog (and cat and goat and maybe even snake) show.

Firestone Park will become the most populous place in Columbiana.

For the aquatic crowd, Guilford Lake will be dotted with creatively decorated, and sometimes a bit silly, watercraft at the annual boat parade.

As for the sounds, there will be fireworks at Firestone and the East Palestine park (although Salem’s fireworks will be Wednesday).

So many of these things – the bikes, bounce houses, watermelon eating, canoe races – are for the young and young at heart.

And the fireworks, signifying the birth of a nation, are for the youngest.

We’re not sure who said, “You’ve seen one fireworks show, you’ve seen them all.” We’re sure it’s not a 6-year-old.