Missing man found in Beaver Creek

EAST LIVERPOOL – A search and rescue mission that kept emergency personnel at Beaver Creek State Park until 3 a.m. Tuesday tragically turned into a recovery operation by 9 a.m. After the search resumed.

Firefighters, police officers, K-9 units and ambulance crews, as well as two helicopters searched from about 9 p.m. Monday night until 3 a.m. Tuesday for missing Columbiana fisherman Jim Smith, 66, as his wife and other family members waited in the parking lot.

Emergency personnel were back at the scene by 7 a.m. today, putting boats and canoes into the creek, and at 8:17 a.m., Calcutta fire Chief Scott Smith received a call from downstream that Smiths body had been found.

The fire chief said he was located about a quarter mile from the main park lying in the water.

While the exhaustive night time search covered that area, Chief Smith said it is possible the victim was not discovered then because he had been submerged and didnt surface until morning.

State Highway Patrol Lt. Joe Dragosich said no foul play is suspected at this time.

Ambulance crews and firefighters took canoes outfitted with a gurney downstream to recover the victim as his wife and family members again waited in the parking lot. Smiths body was eventually pulled from the water near Ware Road.

More details will be reported in tomorrow’s Morning Journal.