Cuyahoga ESC will hire subs for Lisbon

LISBON – Concerned about keeping track of the hours of substitute teachers, the Lisbon Board of Education on Tuesday voted to contract the hiring of substitutes through the Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center.

Superintendent Don Thompson predicted Lisbon was not going to be the only area school who would be contracting with the Cuyahoga County ESC for this service.

Those wanting to substitute would have the advantage of filling out only one application on the website of the Cuyahoga County ESC and then could choose several local districts to be on the list to work at. Whenever there are available assignments that a substitute is qualified for, it would appear on a list online for them to choose from. Additionally, if a substitute is no longer working out at the district, the school could choose to delete them from the list of people being notified.

Treasurer Cindy Shultz said the program through Cuyahoga County ESC has a high rate of success in finding a substitute for those last minute emergency call offs. Currently, secretaries and principals are reportedly left to find someone early in the morning. That issue for the local staff will now be eliminated.

Board members will no longer have to approve lists of certified substitutes themselves either. Thompson said for now the substitutes for classified staff members such as bus drivers and secretaries will not be contracted out.

One of the reasons Shultz said contracting the hiring of substitutes out makes sense is the Affordable Care Act. Those employers with employees working about 30 hours per week can be fined if health insurance is not offered. With substitutes covering for different teachers in different buildings and with several districts, keeping track of the hours could be difficult. By going through the ESC, Shultz said that saves the Lisbon district from potentially expensive penalties.

In other matters before the board:

– The board approved enrollment for 2014 in the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio Inc. Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program, which is managed by Sheakley Uniservice Inc. The enrollment fee is $650 annually. Shultz told the board although they have not received as big a savings as they could, the district did receive a $24,000 refund recently.

– The board approved a contract with the Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency for inservice program, cooperative purchasing program, legal services, fiscal services, student services, email archiving, the notification system and other technology-related management services.

– The board approved a contract with Great Lakes Bio Medical of Perrysburg to provide drug testing services for the upcoming school year.