Beaver Creek State Park historic landmark burns


Staff Writer

EAST LIVERPOOL Smoking rubble is all that remains of a historic landmark at Beaver Creek State Park.

The Williams home that was often the site of musical performances during park events burned sometime overnight Tuesday with no one spotting the flames.

Ironically, Calcutta fire Chief Scott Smith’s sister alerted fire officials about the burned home when she went to the park to walk this morning.

Glenmoor Fire Department responded with a truck to douse the burning embers and place caution tape around the building, but assistant Chief Bill Bennett said there wasnt much else that could be done.

The house is actually located in the Negley Fire Department jurisdiction, and Bennett said he did contact its chief.

Saying this morning he was uncertain how the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will initiate its investigation, Bennett declined to offer much information on what he thinks may have been the cause of the fire.

However, he pointed out the area was blanketed with storms Tuesday night, including lightning.

The red metal roof that topped the house had turned completely yellow from the heat of the blaze except for one small section that still had a red circle of paint with black charring around it, indicating the possibility of a lightning strike.

Bennett said it was fortunate heavy rains had continued throughout the night, which apparently helped keep the fire from spreading, although nearby trees were charred, and the plastic covering on a sign nearby was bubbled from heat.

Large pieces of ash from the fire were spotted as far away as the managers office.

The location of the house under thick trees may have prevented anyone from noticing smoke and flames overnight.

Park manager Karl Mattern said the fact that the back portion of Echo Dell Road leading into the park from the Clarkson area has been closed may have something to do with why no one saw the blaze because, normally, a car or two would may been traveling through.

Park officers from the ODNR are currently en route to the site.

Additional information will be reported in tomorrows Morning Journal.