Barborak says budget will hurt local communitiesBarborak says budget will hurt local communities

LISBON – State Rep. Nick Barborak attended this week’s Village Council meeting to answer any questions council might have about the recently passed two-year state budget.

He voted against the budget, in part, because it reduces funding to communities. “We continue to go in the wrong direction, in my opinion, in helping you people serve your constituents,” he said.

Barborak, D-Lisbon, also updated council on the status of House Bill 5, which seeks to bring some uniformity to all of the city and village income tax laws throughout the state.

Right now, each city and village has different income tax rules, which means companies must comply with a different set of regulations in every community where they have employees. Supporters of the bill saying this approach is cumbersome and costly to businesses and individuals, but requiring communities to follow the same income tax collection regulations would be more efficient by saving time and money.

Barborak reported that some businesses claim the money they spend preparing the necessary paperwork to comply with a small community’s income tax law exceeds what they actually pay in taxes.

The most contentious component of the previous tax-collection uniformity bill -a provision requiring the state collect the taxes and distribute the money back to communities instead of the communities continuing to do the work itself – has been left out House Bill 5.

The Ohio Municipal League and the cities and villages it represents are opposed to the bill because they fear the potential loss of revenue, and Barborak said he has passed those concerns on to the committee chairman. “The good news is the chairman is a reasonable guy” who is open to compromise, he said.

In other action at the meeting, council approved hiring R & R Paving of Lisbon to seal coat the village parking lot for $520.

Council also learned the street sweeper is not working properly and is being used sparingly. The 1989 machine was purchased used more than 10 years ago for about $50,000.