Wrestlers bring their best moves (and camera crew) to Guilford Lake

GUILFORD LAKE – Some showed up out of curiosity. Others showed up because they follow independent wrestling like some people follow music bands.

Both came expecting something.

As cameras rolled to catch the action for a later TV airing on SportsTime Ohio, shouts and boos erupted from the crowd as wrestlers were tossed about the ring.

The PRIME Wrestling event was held at the Guilford Lake Grille and featured independent wrestlers from all over Ohio – including Salem – and neighboring states.

It was the first time PRIME Wrestling has come to the county, and special guest manager Jeff Flanagan and emcee Terry Krepps hope more will be held in the future.

PRIME features professional wrestlers on the independent circuit, and matches are aired on SportsTime every Sunday at 10 p.m. SportsTime is owned FOX Sports and is the TV network for the Cleveland Indians.

Matches are held in various communities throughout the state, and Thursday’s event came about after Krepps contacted PRIME looking for a way to bring something to the Grille.

“I think it’s an awesome deal for the children of the community. It’s a very family-oriented environment. I hope they have it again and again because it pleases me to see children smile,” Flanagan said.

Several children watched the match set up in the bocce club section of the Grille, and they weren’t afraid to get involved by interacting with the wrestlers.

“C’mon, Johnny, get up!” one boy shouted to wrestler Johnny Gargano as he struggled to get up from a round of heavy kicks by opponent Jeremy Madrox.

The boy smiled every time Gargano stood to his feet.

Every shout was like a shot of adrenaline to the wrestlers, who, eager to interact with the crowd, stole seconds between lashes to stand on the ropes and taunt the fans of their opponents.

“Not in my house!” Madrox shouted to the crowd after he tossed Gargano out of the ring. Gargano came back strong, and the two tussled in and out of the ring just inches from the crowd.

Other wrestlers who took to the ring included Salem resident Thomas Adams, who worked alongside Toledo resident Bryan Castle against Nicki Valentino and Edric Everhart.

PRIME is a one-hour, PG-rated program that airs nationally on DirecTV and Dish Network. A specific air date has not yet been set, although a PRIME Wrestling official said tapings typically have a two-week turn around.

A portion of the proceeds from the event went to the Humane Society of Columbiana County. Society President Jenny Pike attended the event on behalf of the agency.

“Everybody involved should be congratulated on bringing great quality entertainment to Lisbon,” she said.