Out on bond, man a suspect in another Salem burglary

LISBON – A Salem man who pleaded guilty last week to breaking into Family Health Care is believed to have broken into another medical facility while out on bond.

David A. Tedder, 48, Butler Mobile Park, Salem, pleaded guilty Thursday in Common Pleas Court to breaking and entering, a charge for which he faces up to 12 months in prison and a $2,500 fine. He awaits sentencing on Aug. 8 and was released on bond on Friday.

According to a motion filed Monday by Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Gamble, Tedder is believed to have wasted no time returning to committing crimes. Gamble noted Tedder is now the chief suspect in the break-in of the Dental Health Group on East State Street in Salem.

On Monday morning, a window was found broken out at the Dental Health Group and blood evidence was left behind.

A day prior to the break-in being discovered, Salem police had found Tedder sitting on a curb with blood on his clothes and cuts on his arms. Tedder reportedly told Salem police he had been discharged from Salem Community Hospital after being treated for a bad foot. He was wearing hospital attire.

According to Salem police reports, Tedder told police he was upset with Salem Community Hospital staff for refusing to give him any narcotics and he was on his way to Alliance Community Hospital.

Gamble requested in his motion Judge Scott Washam should consider revoking Tedder’s recognizance bond. Gamble had been denied a request for a higher bond on Thursday when Tedder entered his plea.

As part of his reasoning, Gamble listed Tedder’s previous convictions in Indiana and Arkansas, including charges going back to 1991 theft, several burglaries, possession of a controlled substance, forgery, child dependency/neglect, criminal impersonation, criminal damaging, carrying a concealed weapon and fleeing a police officer. Additionally, Gamble said he has significant contacts outside the state of Ohio, is facing serious prison time and is a high risk to leave.