12th Hanover permit sought

LISBON – Hanover Township remains Columbiana County’s epicenter for new oil and gas well activity, with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources recently receiving a 12th drilling permit application .

The permit is being sought by Chesapeake Exploration to drill a well on the Zehentbauer farm off Lindesmith Road in Hanover Township.

This brings to 72 the number of new drilling permit applications issued in the county since mid 2010s, when the shale gas boom took off. Chesapeake remains the major player, holding 61 of the permits.

Hanover Township has the most well permits, followed by adjacent Franklin Township, with nine.

Of the more the 70-plus wells (some permit sites have more than one well), about half are drilled, and of those only six are currently producing: four in West Township and one each in Hanover and Knox townships.