Wolf sightings

WELLSVILLE-An animal described by witnesses as a wolf was sighted on three separate occasions last weekend in Yellow Creek Township.

All three sightings took place on Mick Road near state Route 45, north of Wellsville, according to Yellow Creek Township Trustee Kenny Biacco Jr.

The suspected wolf has been sighted near a residential area and was even seen on the front porch of a residence, said Biacco, who said he received several phone calls from citizens reporting the sightings.

“They all tell me they know a wolf when they see one, and it’s a wolf,” said Biacco, who also urged residents to be vigilant and pay close attention to the whereabouts of children and pets.

“There are a lot of children playing outside this time of year and a lot of people leave their pets outside as well,” he said.

The last reported wild wolf in Ohio was killed in 1842, however, a hybrid wolf, likely bred and raised in Ohio as a pet was shot and killed in Sandusky in 2010.

Anyone who sees the animal is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office, 330-424-7255.