Police warn of possible perv

EAST LIVERPOOL – Police in the city, Liverpool and St. Clair townships issued a warning Thursday about a man attempting to entice females into his vehicle.

The first incident occurred about 3:30 p.m. May 6 when a man in a maroon Jeep Commander told a young girl he needed directions and asked her to come closer to his vehicle. This occurred near Gilkinson’s Short Stop on Avondale Street.

According to city police, a similar incident had occurred in St. Clair Township a week prior to this incident.

This past Saturday, both St. Clair and Liverpool township police departments received complaints of similar incidents, although the man was driving a white van.

According to police, one of the incidents involved an adult female, and each of the events has occurred about the time school is letting out for the day.

The man was described as older, white, balding with light-colored hair on the sides of his head. Police are not sure whether the remaining hair is gray or blond.

It is possible the license plate seen on one of the vehicles was from West Virginia, beginning with the letter “U.”

Police are asking anyone who is approached by someone matching this man’s description or in a vehicle matching either the van or Jeep to call the appropriate department.