Suspicious object turns out to be pipeline device

LISBON – A suspicious object lying under a gas pipeline near the intersection of Miller and Woodville Roads Friday morning brought out authorities, but the object was later determined not to be a bomb.

Both Sheriff Ray Stone and Lt. Allen Young were among those who arrived at the intersection. Stone said they also contacted the Youngstown Bomb Squad about the object, which appeared to be a possible pipe bomb.

It was described in a sheriff’s report as a white PVC pipe about 14 inches long and capped at both ends with plastic cable ties glued to the ends. The pipe was laying on a cement block and supported by a brick, designed to keep it right under the pipeline.

An alert nearby resident, Gary Bean, Woodville Road, Columbiana, had been driving past and spotted the suspicious looking pipe. He had called the sheriff’s department with his concerns about it.

Shortly after deputies arrived, a local gas company employee also arrived. He explained the pipe contains information about the gas meter and line so maintenance employees can find it when they arrive to do scheduled maintenance.

The employee stated these pipes are located throughout the county. He opened the end cap, pulled out the paperwork and then put it back.

The bomb squad was canceled before it arrived.