Pipe bombs found

NEGLEY – The Youngstown Bomb Squad was called to the Negley area Friday after someone reported a pipe bomb was found near state Route 170.

According to the county sheriff’s report released Sunday, John Black of Southern Street called the sheriff’s office at 7 p.m. alerting officials to the bomb located just south of town.

The bomb squad was called in after a sheriff’s deputy and Negley firefighters confirmed there was indeed a bomb there. The squad successfully detonated the bomb and left the scene but returned when a second one was found in the same area, according to the report.

The report did not indicate where the bombs were found, but one Negley resident said they were under the bridge just south of the state Route 154 intersection.

Both bombs were given to the Youngstown squad for disposal.

Negley Fire Chief Gary Banicki could not be reached for additional information on Sunday.