Liverpool shootings may be related

EAST LIVERPOOL – A mother and her seven children were inside a Saint George Street home struck by a barrage of gunfire Sunday night that police suspect may have been in retaliation for a shooting early Saturday morning at an East End bar.

Multiple calls were made to the police department at 10 p.m. Sunday about gunshots in the 1000 block of Saint George Street, including one call from the house next door to that of Cena Williams, 1057 Saint George St., which was found to be the target of the shooting.

Officers found about five rounds from what they believe was a 9mm handgun in the front of the house and steps and another three in a pickup truck owned by Williams, which was parked in front of the residence.

Captain Patrick Wright said Monday that at least one bullet penetrated the exterior and lodged inside the wall of the home without actually going through the interior.

The truck had bullet holes in the driver’s side door and one in the driver’s side tire, and about four or five shots entered the ground in front of the empty lot from where they were being fired.

Officers recovered one spent round from the porch, one from the truck and 13 casings from the empty lot across the street, where it is believed the gunman was standing.

Williams was inside with her children at the time but no injuries were reported. Officers said the children were pre-teens and younger.

Police said they believe the actual target was a man they consider a person of interest in the Saturday morning shooting of brothers Braxton Vaughn, 20, and Theodore Vaughn, 26, during a fight at Pack’s Bar. They are from Midland, Pa., and both were shot in the torso with the same bullet.

“He doesn’t live there (at 1057 Saint George St.) but he has numerous children living there with their mother,” Chief John Lane said, referring to Williams.

Police said the man actually lives nearby the house that was shot up but they have not yet been able to locate him to question him about the Saturday morning shooting.

There are no suspects in Sunday’s shooting, and although many residents heard the gunfire, none could identify the shooter or shooters.

One person reported seeing a gray or silver Monte Carlo with West Virginia license plates driving south on Mulberry Street toward Saint George Street just prior to the shooting, but police said it is unknown if it was involved.

Meanwhile, in East Liverpool Municipal Court Monday, Shelydon D. Clark, 20, Aliquippa, Pa. appeared on a charge of obstructing official business, having been arrested Saturday morning at Pack’s Bar when officers were trying to sort out what had happened.

They said he continued interrupting and screaming when they told people to disperse.

Clark was fined $150, sentenced to 30 days, suspended, and placed on probation two years.