Trail of broken beer bottles leads deputy to suspect

SALINEVILLE – An alarm at the Salineville American Legion led deputies to a trail of broken beer bottles and a suspect early Tuesday morning.

According to sheriff’s reports deputies arrived at the Legion at about 4:15 a.m. and found a window broken out on the east side of the building and several beer bottles on the ground. There was blood found on the glass, on the window blind, window sill and inside a horseshoe found on the floor across from the broken window near a wall.

Sgt. Tom Foley reportedly followed a trail of broken beer bottles west on Main Street and across the bridge. Near Water Street, he saw a man walking toward him, identified as Randy Jay Callehan. He had blood on his hands and clothes, appeared to be intoxicated and had a cut on his left index finger.

Deputies questioned Callehan and evidence was gathered. Callehan, 22, West Main Street, Salineville, was charged with breaking and entering and transported to the county jail.

Beer was the only thing reported missing by those who arrived from the American Legion.