Threat leads to early dismissal

COLUMBIANA – Crestview Local School District Superintendent John Dilling has confirmed students were dismissed early Friday because of a threat found written on a wall in a middle school bathroom.

Dilling said the “non-descript” threat was written on a wall in the boys’ bathroom and found by a student around 2:10 p.m.

The school normally dismisses at 2:30 p.m. each day but dismissed about 10 minutes earlier as a result.

The student who found the threat reported it to school Principal Jeff Richardson who in turn called Dilling who was in Columbus at the time, Dilling said.

The superintendent immediately notified County Sheriff Ray Stone. Another call was made to the district’s bus drivers to be at the school earlier than scheduled to pick up students evacuated from the buildings.

The middle school and high school buildings on Crestview Road are connected.

Dilling said Stone conducted a search of the building and gave the “all-clear” after finding nothing suspicious.

School activities already scheduled for that evening continued as schedule, he said.

Dilling said the threat was not specific.

“It was very non-descript. It said ‘I’m going to kill everyone,'” he said.

The threat was different from the one found in the same bathroom three months ago, also on a Friday. Then, a student had written a bomb was going to explode in the building at a specified time.

That message was found earlier in the day and the roughly 700 students were evacuated from the middle and high schools buildings to the elementary school while police searched the building. Nothing was found and classes continued on a two-hour delay.

Dilling said the student responsible for that threat has been found and is no longer attending school at the district.

As for this week’s threat, he said school and police officials will go through video surveillance near the bathroom to attempt to find the person responsible.