Shot fired in Depot domestic

LISBON – A Winona area couple both face domestic violence charges in Columbiana County Municipal Court after their dispute resulted in a gun being fired at their home.

March 25 pretrials were set for both Larry M. Landsberger, 43, and his live-in girlfriend Margaret L. Kean, 52, both of Depot Road, Salem, both charged with domestic violence.

Court documents claim there was allegedly a dispute between them, which ended with a round being fired from a shotgun. Landsberger reportedly told deputies his girlfriend had grabbed a baseball bat and was telling him what to do. He then went and grabbed a rifle.

He claimed Kean also grabbed the rifle and they wrestled for it, causing it to be discharged. However, she told deputies he had pointed the rifle in her direction and fired a round, which missed her and went through the kitchen wall.