Man escapes camper fire

ROGERS – A man traveling through the county on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton escaped serious injury when his camper caught fire at Rogers Community Auction early Thursday.

Jimmy Digiazinto, of Wellsburg, W.Va., was startled awake by smoke alarms in his 2001 Infinity camper and was able to escape before it succumbed to the flames. Negley Fire Captain Bev Shell said Digiazinto was asleep in the camper on the west end of the parking lot when it caught fire.

“What he told me was he was low on propane, so he was leaving the engine running,” she said.

She said he went on to tell her that when he heard the smoke alarms go off he didn’t see any fire, but thick black smoke had enveloped the camper’s interior. He crawled beneath the smoke to safety and local fire departments were notified.

Shell said the Negley fire department got the call but alerted the Lisbon department after realizing it was in Elkrun Township, which is Lisbon’s jurisdiction. The two departments arrived between 4:15 and 4:30 a.m. and battled the blaze.

The fire was under control in less than an hour, although the camper could not be rescued. It was insured, she said.

She also said the camper was not parked in a location that posed a danger to any other buildings or vehicles.

Negley EMS treated Digiazinto for smoke inhalation at the scene but no other injuries were reported. He was the only one in the camper and was intending to spend the night there Thursday and attend the auction on Friday, Shell said.