Primary suspense building slowly

LISBON – The May 7 primary election has yet to generate much interest at the Columbiana County Board of Elections, even though the filing deadline is less than a month away.

The filing deadline for anyone wanting to run in May 7 primary election is Feb. 6, and the only person to file candidacy petitions to date is county Municipal Court Judge Carol Robb, a Republican, who is seeking re-election.

Other judges up for election in the primary besides Robb are fellow county municipal court Judge Mark Frost and East Liverpool Municipal Court Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling.

The only other primary races for elected office will be in East Liverpool, Salem, Leetonia, Lisbon and Wellsville. Like the judges, these are partisan races, where the candidates are required to run as a Democrat, Republican or independent.

The following is a list of the elected positions in those communities up for re-election in the May 7 primary and the current incumbents:

East Liverpool

– Council President: John Torma.

– Treasurer: Doreen Marshall.

– Council at-large (3 to nominate): Russell Dray, Sherrie Curtis and Charles Wade.

– First Ward Council: Ray Perorazio.

– Second Ward Council: Ryan Stovall.

– Third Ward Council: Tom Cunningham.

– Fourth Ward Council: Scott Barrett.


– Council President: Mickey Weaver.

– Treasurer: Robert Tullis.

– Council-at-large (3 to nominate): Bret Apple, Brian Whitehill and Jeff Cushman.


– Council (4 to nominate): Shana Zimmerman, Steve Clunen, Dave Tingle and Dan Summers.


– Council (4 to nominate): Joe Morenz, Mary Ann Gray, Roger Gallo and Willis Coleman.

– Board of Public Affairs: John Garwood.


– Council (2 to nominate): Rosie Goss and Tonda Ross.

In the county’s remaining villages, as well as all townships and school boards, elected positions are non-partisan, and candidates run for those positions without having to declare a political party affiliation. These candidates run in the November general election and not the primary, and the filing deadline for non-partisan races is in early August.