Pay depends on the people

NEGLEY – The salaries of Middleton Township trustees and Fiscal Officer Bob Chapman will automatically be reduced this year because they will have less money to work with than in 2012.

Chapman said trustees will be making $100 less a month than they did last year, and he will be making $236 less a month.

Trustees made $857 a month and Chapman made $1,178 a month last year. Their compensation is set by the state legislature, and had the budget for this year reached or exceeded $750,000 their pay would have remained the same.

The township’s budget is typically in the $750,00 to $1.5 million bracket as stipulated by the state.

Instead, the township’s amended certificate of estimated resources for 2013 came in $8,393 short of the benchmark. The certificate accounts for unencumbered balances like the $172,000 carryover from 2012, property taxes and other income sources.

Over the last few years the township had reached the $750,000 benchmark, Chapman said.

Last year the township’s budget was at $859,951. The township actually received $699,951, but the carryover from 2011 pushed that figure over $800,000.

Chapman said the township spent about 80 percent of the $699,000 received last year. He attributed the decrease to state cuts in local government funding.

“Since LGF money went down last year that’s what’s really affecting us.”

The funding is first distributed to county commissioners, who retain half and the remainder is disbursed to the remaining townships, municipalities and villages in the county.

The township received $64,917 in LGF from the state in 2011, $45,924 in 2012 and is expected to lose $10,825 this year, bringing the allocation down to $35,099.