Lisbon property poised for shale boom profits

LISBON – Ed Yasechko believes he knows an opportunity when he sees it, and the Hubbard-based businessmen believes the area north of town on state Route 45 is poised to benefit from the shale gas boom underway in the region.

Yasechko is already benefiting from the boom by leasing the former machine shop he owns behind Chester Hoist to E.J. Brennemen LP, a company that constructs the concrete drilling pads for oil and gas drill sites. He estimates the company employs about 20 workers.

Last year, Yasechko purchased the property located immediately south of the Valero gas station on Route 45, razed the house that stood there and cleaned up the property for development.

“With what was going on with the shale industry around here, I thought this was an area of opportunity,” he said of the property.

While the lot is listed for sale and Yasechko is willing to entertain offers, he is also actively looking for a fast-food company that might be interested in opening a franchise at the site.

“The only fast-food restaurant up there is McDonald’s, and I know there’s room for another drive-through type restaurant,” Yasechko said. “It’s a site in your county that will be developed, sooner or later.”

Yasechko has many business interests in his 40-plus years. In addition to owning fast-food restaurants over the years- mostly McDonald’s and Burger Kings – he is a principal party in the development firm of Quadland Corp. and the Truck World travel center/truck stop off Interstate 80 in Hubbard Township in the southeastern edge of Trumbull County.

He purchased the Lisbon property as an investment because he sees the area north of downtown Lisbon as ripe for growth because of the shale gas boom and the new county government services building that opened last year.

“Relocation of your government offices up there has made that a commercial area,” Yasechko said.