LISBON — In Columbiana County Municipal Court, Danny J. Schultz, 51, Cliff Drive, Salem, was fined $925, had his license suspended for two years, credited with 17 days served and sentenced to 163 days in jail for OVI second offense, speeding and left of center.

An assault charge against Dillon Dellapenna was dismissed, but could be refiled at a later date. The charge alleges Dellapenna went into the cell of fellow inmate at the county jail, Melvin Vollmar, on Feb. 22, struck him in the face and kicked him. The alleged victim, Vollmar was recently sentenced to a five-year prison term in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court for four counts of rape and he is being transported to begin serving that prison time making him unavailable as a witness.

Jerrimie A. Carter, 44, Westville Lake Road, Beloit, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for criminal trespassing after he was found sleeping on the floor of a bedroom of a Harrison Street, North Georgetown, home owned by Jermey Gorby on Wednesday. A review hearing was set for Carter on Monday.

A July 26 pretrial was set for Eric Scott McFarland, 39, state Route 7, Lisbon, charged with OVI first offense, driving under a 12-point suspension and a turn signal violation.

A Sept. 11 pretrial was set for Connie R. Dattilio, 53, North Market Street, Lisbon, charged with assault for allegedly placing both hands around Tammy Souders’ neck on Thursday.

An Aug. 6 pretrial was set for Kaje Jakob Beamer, 19, West Clark Street, East Palestine, charged with domestic violence for allegedly punched his grandfather, Don Beamer, and hitting him over the head with a coffee mug causing a laceration requiring medical attention on Thursday.

A Sept. 10 pretrial was set for Howard G Smith, 68, East Chestnut Street, Lisbon, charged with assault for allegedly punching Ernest Duncan in the head several times on Thursday.

Michael Lee Smith, 39, Whinnery Road, Salem, was fined $700, had his license suspended for a year, required to attend a thee-day counseling program and ordered 30 hours community service for OVI first offense and left of center.

Kenneth R. Jordan, 45, West Pidgeon Road, Salem, was fined $500, credited with a day served in jail and ordered 60 hours community service for driving under suspension and theft for taking a wallet from Smith Oil in Lisbon while his girlfriend, Cena Mason, distracted the cashier on March 24. Jordan was ordered to pay $17 in restitution to Smith Oil and to have no further contact with any Smith Oil in Columbiana County.

Nicole L. Stull, 32, Clark Avenue, Wellsville, was fined $200 and required 30 hours community service for driving under FRA suspension.

Erica Noel Schatzel, 24, Youngstown, was fined $190 and had her license suspended for 180 days for possession of marijuana and speeding.

Craig A. Baker, 36, Hillcrest Road, Wellsville, was credited with a day in jail, sentenced to an additional day in jail, fined $150 and required 30 hours community service for disorderly conduct for pounding on the door of his nephew’s home early Friday while highly intoxicated.

A Sept. 17 pretrial was set for Kevin J. Seamons, 31, Youngstown, cited with failure to reinstate a license and possession of marijuana.

Kenneth D. Stoffer, 33, Youngstown, was fined $180 and required 20 hours community service for driving under suspension and marked lanes.

Michael B. Soles, 46, Orchard Hill Drive, Canfield, was fined $150 for traffic control devices and speeding.

Ashley A. Essick, 28, Goshen Road, Salem, was fined $50 for driving under suspension.